How machine translation is transforming the French-Portuguese translation industry?

Translation is a complex process that involves converting written or spoken words from one language to another while maintaining the original meaning and context. Cultural differences play a significant role in this process, especially when it comes to translating between languages with very different cultural backgrounds like French and Portuguese.

Machine translation had a negative impact initially due to repeated inaccuracy and lack of precision in translated texts. But it has proved its worth now. The importance and significance of human translation are always there and no one is going to replace them ever. On the other hand, machine translation has also started improving with better impact and accuracy in the translation. Like all other industries machine translation has also had a significant impact on the French-Portuguese translation industry too.

Here are some of the ways in which it has transformed the French Portuguese and translation industry overall.

Increased efficiency

Despite of lack of logic and rationalism machine translation has undoubtedly helped in a great way to increase efficiency. Whenever there are large volumes of text from the French and Portuguese translation services machine translation has helped to do it more quickly and efficiently.  The translators can take help from the machine translation tools and can improve their productivity. Documents can be translated more speedily however, machine translation often fails to work on layout and format. Therefore, post-editing is a must feature to ensure that it is accurate and grammatically correct.


Cost and budget is everyone’s major concern. Machine translation has now made it budget friendly for the production of the content and text languages of French and Portuguese more affordable. The cost is not as much high as translators might demand this language pair. It is cost-effective and has changed the way translators charge for their services. However, it doesn’t imply that the translation it provides is accurate and efficient. Therefore, companies can save money while still getting high-quality translations.

Quality Improvement

Quality can not be compromised and when it comes to machine translation, quality is another major concern of companies and even linguists. French translation services are quite a in demand. French is one of the most spoken languages in the world. The online and machine translation tools have better translation memory for the language and hence, have significantly improved the quality of French-Portuguese translations. The latest machine translation tools use artificial intelligence and neural networks, which enable them to produce translations that are more accurate and natural in their narration.

Increased Demand

Better accuracy and improved precision have also surged the demand for French-Portuguese translation services. Portugues language has four variants. Two of which are quite important. One of them is European Portuguese and the other they mainly speak in Brazil. As companies expand their global reach, they need to translate their content into multiple variants of one language. Machine translation helps to speed up this process and is cost-effective, which means that more companies are using Portuguese translation services than ever before.


Machine translation has enabled French-Portuguese translators to collaborate more effectively. These languages share quite a lot of similarities. These come from similar origins i.e Latin. Also share the sentence structure and many other factors. All these details can be fed into the machine translation quite easily. Machine translation is getting better every day and will be magical in the years to come. People from different walks of life can come forward to collaborate for research and other affiliations. They can use machine translation tools to translate documents, which they can then edit together, ensuring that the final output is not having quality issues.

Turnaround time

The turnaround time of the machine translation is quite impressive. Where human translators often fail to meet deadlines, machine translation is good at it and doesn’t disappoint you. It can produce a large volume of text within a matter of seconds. However, it is extremely vital to not rely on it solely. Additionally, they have to edit the translated content for better productivity. The turnaround time also depends on the language pair. It can deliver professional Portuguese translation services quickly compared to any other language. Nonetheless, the turnaround times have revolutionized the translation industry overall.


Human translators often fail to respond timely. Many times clients keep buzzing the translators and they ignore all the calls deliberately. Machine translation is also amazing in a way that it is always there to rectify errors in professional French translation services or any other language for that matter. It is extremely important to respond and stay updated in the translation process. Both companies need to communicate time and again to make sure both are on the same page.


Getting too much dependent on machine translation is not recommended in a professional translation agency. However, talking about reliability machine translation is more reliable. This quality of the translation tools also plays a vital role to make its efforts recognized and establish credibility. 


Machine translation has transformed the French-Portuguese translation industry and the overall translation industry as well. It has made it faster, more efficient, and cost-effective. With the increasing demand for multilingual content, machine translation tools are likely to play an even more significant role in the future of translation.

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